Monday, January 9, 2012

"Buddy the elf, whats your favorite color?"

This post has nothing to do with Buddy the elf. I'm sorry. I am deeply sorry, but you need to stop crying and pay attention to this very important/disturbing discovery.

If you knew me, you would not expect to walk into a bedroom that looks like I'm sleeping inside of Barney the dinosaur's big pinkish purplish stomach. You'd actually be pretty... shocked.

How about also noticing the pink water bottle I purchased? Or the pink wallet? Or that there are little splashes of pink everywhere you turn in this bedroom?

How would you feel about that? Well, imagine how I feel? Clearly this past year has been some kind of identity crisis struggle for me, you guys. I mean... I even started wearing pink t-shirts from Old Navy. I wore neon pink nail polish the entire summer. I'm very disappointed in my family and friends for letting this happen to me. I'm starting to think this was some kind of plot against me and my sanity. My sanity that has clearly been wasting away ever so slowly.

I know this isn't a quality blog post, but it had to be said. It can no longer be ignored. My favorite color will not be pink. I won't be. It's not.

Now excuse me while I look over the Martha Stewart Living paint samples on the Home Depot website...

What do you think Buddy's favorite color was anyway? Or what about the person who called the office phone that he answered?

xo ARP

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