Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Season of Giving

As you're out and about buying gifts for your friends and family for this holiday season, take a second and look around at what you can buy for those who can't afford. It's no secret that almost everyone is having a hard time financially right now, but at least I have a bed and home and a warm blanket this winter. Their are countless families who have none of these this holiday season. Their are so many little kids who have parents worrying and feeling terrible about how they can't afford toys and presents for their little ones to wake up to on Christmas morning. This is where we come in.
It will take no more than 5 minutes to Google your local communities food pantry or holiday charity. It took me 10 minutes to locate and get the numbers for two homeless shelters in two cities I spend most of my time in. 

I spent 80 dollars at TJ Maxx yesterday buying some toys and outfits for children in the Quincy area. Father Bills Place is a wonderful organization that helps the homeless in the South Shore/Boston area. 
I am also looking through my kitchen cabinets and running into a local supermarket to buy some more canned goods and boxes of pasta to bring to my small town's food pantry.

There are so many different things you can do right now. Not only can you be doing this yourself, but if you post about it on Facebook, friends and family can be encouraged to help out too. So, please, this holiday season give to the families who need help in your area.

It's the Season of Giving.... and hopefully you will continue to give throughout the year. 

Xo Al


  1. Great idea to get food for the local food pantry.

  2. your very kind. have a very merry christmas!